Modern Barn

Modern Barn.

Serene Tudor in Hues of Blue

As a counterpoint to traditional Tudor style, Korek lightens this house’s existing paneling with soft blues and whites to make the space feel more open and spacious. In each room, an oversized object serves as a focal point to draw attention to the streamlined furnishings. The result is an unexpectedly airy, beachy, and inviting family home.

Deco Georgian

Korek infuses this grand Georgian mansion with deco details that add polish, shine and luxury. Unexpected patterns meet rich textures to make the feeling fresh and contemporary, while an airy palette keeps the space open and flowing from room to room. Extensive use of hand painted wall designs customizes and enriches the foyer and master bedroom. Flashes of chrome and mirrors add a translucent look to each space, particularly in the living room, which features a fully mirrored bar.

Serene Great Room

This great room glistens with sunlight and warmth. The palest grey cabinets are set off by a Turkish inspired backsplash of glass and marble. Polished chrome hardware and mercury glass lamps over the island all add to the reflections. The walls are glazed a soft green and the soft white Cesar stone countertops, both practical and beautiful are a synthesizing element. Tranquil and beautiful, the kitchen and family room are reminiscent of visits abroad.

Down to Earth beach House

Korek transforms this small (1500 square feet) Hamptons bungalow into an airy beach home by using natural textures, earthy colors and garden elements, to bring the outside in. In the kitchen, cabinets become windows, allowing natural light to enter in an unexpected place and give the owner another view outdoors. In the bathroom, pebbled tiles cover the floor, the sink is made of wood, and the walls are lined with sandy colored stone. The overall feeling is a summery, lived-in, natural space.