Showhouse Work

The Holiday house is a designer showhouse located at the famed Ziegler Mansion at 2 East 63rd Street that benefits the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  Each showroom exhibits a unique theme designed by New York’s top designers.  Korek has participated in this prestigious showhouse for three years, and hopes to continue her work for the Susan G. Komen foundation.

Grammy Room

In 2010, Korek was asked to create a Grammy themed room for the Holiday House.  In true Hollywood style, she used a cross between art deco and modern styles to design a stunning space, filled with lush textures and a distinct monochromatic look. From the chic shag carpeting to the lavish art deco fireplace surrounded by amazing sicis platinum and glass starburst mosaic to the acoustic style paneling and wallpaper, this room captures the iconic lifestyle of the rock and roll legend.

Channukah Room

For the 2011 designer showhouse, Korek designed the “Channukah Room”, taking inspiration from Jewish traditions to create a welcoming, sophisticated space.  Her use of color is most noticeable in the room, which is filled with warm pinks and purples.  However, Korek most enjoys her use of the ceiling, which she chose to see as another empty wall rather than an untouchable part of the room.  On it, she pays homage to the Jewish holiday with a painted Star of David, creating the perfect atmosphere to light the menorah.

4th of July Room

In her 2009 showhouse, Korek created a patriotic showroom full of stars, and of course, red, white, and blue. Most notable in this room was the large Andy Wharhol-like portrait of Jackie O. Korek’s real focus though was the table top display, which featured an intricate floral arrangement.

President’s Day Room

Watermill 2016

This room is all about the luxurious, languorous days surrounding the summer solstice. With its elegant furnishings, mixed with gleaming surfaces and soft textiles, the bedroom is the perfect reflection of sandy beaches, long, warm afternoons, and romantic summer evenings.