Each home is about the owner. Korek’s goal is to create a fresh, inviting, personalized space that reflects the client’s style.  The result is a home people can enjoy and be unafraid to really live in.

Country House at the Beach

For this modern country home, Korek utilizes horizontal features, such as beams and decorative paint, to create an open and “beachy” feel. Her use of soft blues and floating fixtures emphasizes the airiness of the space, while dark, warm woods and metals ground and define it. The detailed moldings on the panels, coiffered ceiling, base molding, and door trims give each room a special depth, and add to the overall welcoming feel of the house.

A Touch of Emerald

In this beach home, Korek utilizes a unique color palate and glossy materials to enhance and liven the space. “There is a depth of color to colored glass that is so hypnotic and sensual, especially the color emerald,” says Korek. She likes to think of the glass as a piece of jewelry, in which the saturated green color is a precious stone. Korek then adds polished woods and creamy fabrics to contrast the powerful green, giving the home a natural, beach feel.

Tudor with a Twist

Korek believes that a kitchen should be considered just another living space in a home, and exhibits that concept flawlessly in this midcentury Tudor. Just as the other rooms are filled with furniture, Korek treats each item in the kitchen as a separate object, giving it a warm, and inviting ambiance. Through the use of rich materials, she is able to create more depth and comfort in her modern design. In addition, Korek updates antique and midcentury furnishings with modern materials, giving them a highly unique, rather than manufactured, feel.

Lux Georgian Colonial

This century old stately home presented Korek an opportunity to infuse the existing architectural details with 21st century style in a cohesive and whimsical way. By darkening the original moldings and adding modern furnishings, Korek updated the mansion, but maintained its comfy feel. Her use of bold features, such as decorative paint and cascading, sparkling glass inside the fireplaces, adds elegance and luxury to the home.